How to invite you inside our experience? To make you part of what’s happening? To make you an active participant?

These are ongoing questions for a live performer!
And they are even more challenging when considering the visual representation of our art!

Rope is not pretty!
Rope creates beautiful moments, with movement!

People are not pretty!
People who go deep inside themselves to meet any challenge, to test their limits, to push themselves so strongly to the point where all that is left is vulnerability. In this moment, such a person becomes so beautiful to me!

Relationships are… relationships!
How to reproduce faithfully: the trust, the attention, the presence, the connection… that we can find in rope?

How to use the outside observer to extend the experience, even if only a ghost is present!

But also, how to play with society’s code of conduct, and question it?

Dance with rope

From Body manipulation to rope practice!
From gesture study to motion!
From dynamic rope to dance!
How to?

Just move, just dance!

The connection becomes so obvious at some point that we had to shoot it visually, to perform with it, and to play with it!


How to shoot kinbaku? To make people feel the relationship between performers? How to capture the moment? And not fall into the many traps you can find when you shoot this subject? (intellectual, abstract, pornographic, documentary,…) Guillaume Pin is generally my partner in crime when I decide to challenge these questions in moving pictures !

In the act of love, as in photography, there is a form of life and a kind of slow death.

Nobuyoshi Araki