Performer // Photographer // Educator // Rope Expert (Kinbaku//Shibari)


Would you like to get tied up by me?
Would you like to have a particular private experience in rope?
Would like to experiment, build your rope education by being tied, and would like me to be part of it?

Meeting somebody in rope is one of my favorite activities. The unique body language that develops, the trust we create, the intimacy we share… the fact that rope, most of the time, opens a very personal place inside each of us. It almost scares me!

We will take our time to meet. First, around a hot beverage, to start making contact, to make the time ours. After, if we still feel like it, we can prepare ourselves for rope. There will be some physical contact, some checking in with each other, certainly a way to make the space ours, the moment precious. And I will start to tie you, some easy tension, some direction to see how you react, how we can harmonize. From this first moment, I will use my experience and intuition to propose some direction inside the session: challenge, taking care, sensation exploring, suspension, breathing control… Who knows? And when the energy will be right for it, I will offer you time to get back into everyday reality. A hot beverage and exchange may be part of it. Silence in other moments!

Time is an illusion.

Time only exists when we think about the past and the future. Time doesn’t exist in the present here and now

Marina Abramović


How much do you charge? 200 Euros per session.

How long does it take? I generally advise people to secure two hours. But it’s difficult to plan this. It’s a very human connection far away from our very robotic society.

Where do you do it? In my dojo, but for particular cases, I am adaptable.

How can I pay you? Paypal or bank transfer. No session will be booked without a full payment.

Do you issue refunds? Yes, in the case that a tragic life event occurs.

Can I bring somebody with me? For the experience, it is better not to. But, there are many reasons that people need or would like to have another person to be there. So, yes. But, this person will have to be quiet during the session, and no recording will be allowed. If this ever were to happen during the session, I would stop immediately and I would not accept either of you in my space. This, without any refund.

I want to be tied up exactly like that… a session does not work like that. You have to trust me and to trust the encounter. I will invite you in my rope/style. I will use intuition and observation to offer you an experience.

Can I get some pictures? Yes, that’s possible. I can take some pictures during the session, but you have to tell me in advance. I will send you some photos I have chosen with my postproduction in web format. You are not allowed to print them or change them in any way.

Can I get some of the photos as print from you? Yes, it will be 50 Euros per print (plus any transportation fees) and you will have my stamp on it.

Can I have a video of the session? Nope, shooting and editing a video is a very intensive process, and I would like to avoid any kind of cheap results.

I have an art project and would like to bring my team/photographer; can we talk about it? We can talk about it. I like to participate in art projects! But still, it’s my job.

What control do I have over the experience/session? You are totally welcome to communicate before, during, and after the session. You can (and should) define your limits and are totally welcome to change them throughout the session. We generally use the two safes words “No” and “Stop”. “No” means I don’t like this direction, please change it but please don’t stop the session. “Stop” means I need to get untied immediately. Of course please communicate about anything disturbing/wrongly painful/dangerous happening, physically or mentally, during the session.

Do you tie up men? Yes, and woman, and all other kinds of humans. My kinbaku is not related to any cultural or biological gender (or race, or religion).

Do you tie up disabled people? It depends on the person specificity. I generally ask for one meeting before and for information about the medical case. After consulting with a medic and documentation, I make a decision. There is no charge at all for this consultation process, so please ask.

Can I pay you with my body/sex? Nope, not at all. But thank you for the proposal.

But I am pretty, sexy, and very open/gifted sexually? Please go away, I don’t like people who do not care about personal limits of others.

Are you going to play with me sexually? Nope. Sexuality is a very deep, expansive subject and you are welcome to interpret the session as you like. But from my side, I am here to make you discover and offer you an experience. Not to have sex with you. And of course, nothing else other than ropes and fabric are going to be used; no private, or usually seen as sexual zones are going to be touched by me or the ropes.

Can we do an SM session (Can you wear leather pants, can I call you sir/master, can you punish me…)? Nope, you are looking for a pro Dom. I am sure you can find plenty of them. Obviously, a power exchange dynamic will be in place during the session, but I am offering you to explore yourself though rope.

It’s way too expensive for me, I understand is your job.. but I really cannot afford… I am sorry about that. It was also very complicated and expensive for me when I studied in Tokyo. I made huge sacrifices to acquire my knowledge and experience. But we are not always in the position to be able to do so. I understand the difficulty. So, you can try to be present at a public event like a jam or a festival. There is no guarantee of anything. My energy first goes to my partners, models, and friends. But I do like to tie up new people at these types of events. The experience will be, of course, different, but it will be real and honest. There is also the possibility of a call for volunteers for some art project. Stay connected to my social network. It may happen and you may be the right person.

Drawing by Pierre Estable