Performer // Photographer // Educator // Rope Expert (Kinbaku//Shibari)

Meeting in Ropes

Meeting somebody in rope is one of my favorite activities. The unique body language that develops, the trust we create, the intimacy we share… the fact that rope, most of the time, opens a very personal place inside each of us. It almost scares me!

The moment, The picture and The writing :
three point of view // one meeting.

I haven’t tied you up, or not very often. I want to discover you! Why? You are pretty, you are not pretty, you see different, there is something special about you, maybe a person I wouldn’t normally tie, or maybe I see something I’m searching for. Who cares? 

Let’s have a coffee !

Let’s be open !

Let’s talk about limits or places we don’t want to explore, let’s fix some communication, making sure we can both stop anything at any moment, and… 

Let’s explore !

Energy could be base on :

  • Power exchange
  • Pain
  • Shame
  • Sexual desire
  • Beauty
  • Ugliness
  • Dance
  • Mediation
  • Experimentation
  • Something else
  • Or nothing at all

It doesn’t matter at all, what matters is we are going to meet there !

If you join the project you must agree to be published on internet and in paper form: in a book and in pictures. When I talk about sexual energy, I of course don’t speak about getting my dick out but rather play with your sensations and desire. It’s a very consent-based moment, and any forbidden zone (physical and mental) will be avoided. At any moment the person in ropes can stop the session or ask to change the energy and the direction.