Demo 2021 – Back to business

Project as some picture in motion representing my work and open to future project.

People :

  • Guillaume, charlotte (Victor?) : for the shooting part.
  • Uke (model) : Thiago, C., Sarah(bohai_)
  • Laurianne : Music

I like to have some different rhythm then the precedents demos. Something less impacting, more a slow breathing.

So the simple idea it’s to have some kind of documentary feeling, less base on performance. Just to setup the stage correctly for some lighting and let thing happening.

All the session should be like any training, 2 hours same type of energy, with warms up when used on a regular basic. (And of course Tea, and chatting)

Session with Thiago :

I like to show the very graphic beauty of our session. I plan to work on classical suspension and to design is body like for an aesthetical photoshoot.

Session with C. :

I like to show also the very graphic and beauty of our session. I think it will be very close feeling of the one with Thiago. Just a paradox on the body and my energy between Male and female beauty.

Session with Boshai_ :

I like to show the lover part of my life. It will definitely be more a BDSM play who I hope will be strongly charge with sexual energy.

Paradox of the Demo :

Of course it will depend of the session and the plan. But I feel, it will be nice to play between beauty of C./Thiago and to include some direct connection (not about the form) but to make watcher that there is a direct connection on body beauty. (Emotion as well) But in very more contemplative way then Vagabondage

I also want the movie to show the paradox between

  • the mental distance that I keep and make clear with my models
  • and my personal partner who is I hope going to be more personal !

But also, to make clear that there is a direct connection between both situation…


  • 29th – 2pm-4pm : C.
  • 29th 8pm-10pm : Sarah
  • 30th 11am-13am : Thiago

Closing :

I will be in my black tenue. And if everybody consent, I think model model should be in panty, topless.

Music :

Laurianne, you have a full trus on you 😉