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  • Even(En)


    I knew from the beginning the writing would be the hardest part of this for me. I have been ruminating on it and avoiding it. When I try to write my stomach knots up around my fingers and it suddenly becomes just so much easier to stare blankly at the wall.But now it’s been too […]

  • Velvetine (En)

    Velvetine (En)

    Meeting with Velvetine avril 2022 Your teapot dribbles a bit when I pour the tea for you. “It always does that – and it rusts”, you say, when I comment that I wish I had a teapot just like that. Beautifully imperfect and flawed, just like these two human beings that happen to have come […]

  • Musings on Greeting

    Musings on Greeting

    Friday, March 25th, 2022 As I reflect on our greeting with rope, I can’t help but think about the contradictions of human needs and desires. It is our nature to seek safety and security through routine and predictability. Humans are creatures of habit. We flee from anxiety, discomfort, pain and the unknown. We will sacrifice […]

  • Sweet Black Angel (En)

    Sweet Black Angel (En)

    Dear Nicolas, I promised I would write about objects and shadows. The last one you got, but the first one was more of a mystery to you. Bear with me, I will get there. But first the shadows. Did you know they act as mirrors? In their silhouettes, they show you how others can see […]

  • Florent (fr)

    Florent (fr)

    Meeting Florent the 18th Jan 2021 at Brussels Je pousse la porteBonjourNos bras s’enlacentQuelques paroles entre deux gorgées de théEt puis mes genoux sur le tatami Un regard un sourireTes mains qui d’une corde entourent mes poignetsMes brasLes tiens autour de moiJe respire Face contre terre tu prends le contrôle de mes jambes mon dos […]

  • Essilian (fr)

    Essilian (fr)

    Nico, Je ne te connais toujours que peu mais j’ai apprécié ce que j’ai pu découvrir de toi dans le contexte du Shibari. Nous avons des visions différentes sur certains sujets divers et variés mais l’échange de nos perspectives personnelles s’est révélé enrichissant. J’avais besoin, d’abord, de discuter avec toi, afin d’entrevoir quel type de […]

  • Ficelle (fr)

    Ficelle (fr)

    Meeting Ficelle the 28 december 2021 As-tu déjà contemplé ces nuées d’oiseaux? Ces milliers de corps si fragiles qui ondulent et sculptent le ciel de poèmes écrits du bout de leurs ailes. Il doit y avoir quelque chose de plus grand là-haut. Et moi, parfois, j’aimerais devenir oiseau. Ils existent au-delà de la raison. Là […]

  • Elisabeth (En)

    Elisabeth (En)

    Silent bodyFloating in a spaceWithout any restraints Stone wrapped upIn ropesPushed into the wild river Deep silence on the bottomof the dark waterAll energy is preserved, compressedcontained with the ropes. Dragged upDried in a garden of stonesFloating in the streamOf unconscious desires. Deep deep dark spaceon the edge of a cliffdancing in a sea of […]

  • Bea (En)

    Bea (En)

    “How do you crack a walnut?” I ask him this question with sincerity as I’m eyeing up the bowl of walnuts that’s sat between us. I could’ve walked straight in and started talking immediately about rope, but I think that’s poor etiquette. Besides, I was genuinely curious to see how a walnut is cracked. There’s […]