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Personal Research

The realization of our true substance and potential is the purpose of creation.

Morihei Ueshiba

It’s hard to be human,
It’s difficult to stay connected to our deepest nature,
It’s really difficult to embrace all parts of ourselves.

It’s essential to help each other to achieved this.

Personally, it is through rope art that I have decided to improve myself, to express myself, and to help others to do the same.

The journey is full of difficulty, pain, mistakes, disturbing realities, fear, shame, ego destruction, risk… it’s a hard one. But, in the action of taking it and facing it, there is a process of becoming a better human being, to liberate ourselves and to connect back to our true nature.


(Shibari // Japanese Bondage)

Kinbaku is a Japanese art in which a person is tied up using ropes. Several definitions exist, each one matching the practice or the goals of their narrator. In Japan, there are many groups around rope art, having different aims and means, as in Europe. However highlighting the other’s body and unveiling their emotions are often commonly accepted goals. Kinbaku can be combined with dance, martial arts, massage techniques, diverse sexualities, tantric activities, initiatory times, hypnosis…

In my practice, I work around concepts – mainly Japanese ones that I apply and adapt to our (Western) culture and personalities. The point is not to copy Japanese Kinbaku, but to get inspired by it. And to create our own esthetic, connection, and way of practicing.

My style is generally described as minimalist & organic while qin motion.

Would you like to walk that path with me?


Nicolas as been practicing ropes for more than 20 years. His work comes from his study of Japanese kinbaku/shibari as well as from his different body practices: Aikido, Thai massage, contact-improvisation, and System A.
He lived in Japan for 4 years, where he met his master, Arisue Go, and devoted his time to aikido and rope study.
He has also studied with Kinoko, Ottonawa, Kazami Ranki, Felix Rucker, Shadow, Pedro… and has done many workshops/exchanges with other presenters.

Yoroï Nicolas self portrait

Art is all about doing what you shouldn’t.

Nobuyoshi Araki