Performer // Photographer // Educator // Rope Expert (Kinbaku//Shibari)

Elisabeth (En)

Elisabeth (En)

Silent body
Floating in a space
Without any restraints

Stone wrapped up
In ropes
Pushed into the wild river

Deep silence on the bottom
of the dark water
All energy is preserved, compressed
contained with the ropes.

Dragged up
Dried in a garden of stones
Floating in the stream
Of unconscious desires.

Deep deep dark space
on the edge of a cliff
dancing in a sea of scorpions

Tight to one rope
spinning around in a space
of no directions trying
to rescue myself by keep on breathing

Threatening, dark and scary
sounds surround me
Freezing stillness and loud screams

Animals fighting
death smells from the ends of
the ropes and shackles.
Shaking, sweating

Relieved to the ground
under heavy weight
Buried in heavy stones and meat.
Releasing the shackles.